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Perception Kayaks For Fishing?

January 2nd, 2010 by Michael in Kajak Fishing with 0 Comments

While Perception kayaks aren’t typically known for kayak fishing, and they actually don’t even supply any rigging necessary for a great day on the water, through the manufacturer, the fact still remains that you can easily modify these fine boats, for an excellent time, as long as you have the patience, and the ingenuity. We recently did a review on 3 of the best kayak fishing models, that can easily have accessories attached, and be applied to practically any type of fishing that you are going to be doing.

From pond fishing, and slow moving creeks, or small lakes, to saltwater marshes, and even deep sea, offshore saltwater fishing, there is a Perception kayak model available for all types of kayak fishing enthusiasts. Finding these types of kayaks for sale can often be a tough time though, especially if you are determined to find one already rigged, and trying to save money. These criteria present quite a few obstacles, that many anglers are going to find out, is just not available. You can either find a used Perception kayak for sale, that doesn’t have any rigging, or you can find a brand new Perception model, that is fully rigged for kayak fishing.

The length, and width of these boats make them incredibly maneuverable, while still allowing for ample storage space. They are also constructed of heavy duty composite plastics, and even carbon fiber, or kevlar, to increase their durability even further. Cheaper model kayaks will begin fading, and losing their color over time, while the durable plastic that Perception uses for will continue glistening for years to come, even from harsh saltwater and the bright sun abusing it day in, and day out. If you had been on the fence about whether or not to consider Perception kayaks for your fishing purposes, then you may want to think about them again, because they really do the job, well.

Perception Kayak – Best Fishing Kayaks

January 2nd, 2010 by Michael in Kajak Fishing with 0 Comments

Perception Kayak Bimini 15.0 is a highly sought after model, mainly for the length of the boat. Because this kayak comes in at a little over 15 feet long, it provides incredibly straight, and accurate tracking, while minimizing the effort required to propel the boat forward. The Bimini 15.0 weighs in at a hefty 69 pounds, which means that you may end up needing a kayak trailer, or cart to tote the craft from the shore, to the water. This sit on top does provide scupper holes, which will allow you to run a small, fashioned kayak trailer, with a set of wheels, for ease of moving. At only 28 inches wide, the stability on this boat is going to feel much tippier than other, wider models of kayaks.

The Perception Kayak Illusion is slightly shorter than the Bimini, coming in at 14 feet, 5 inches long. This provides as much speed, and gliding distance as the Bimini, but because it is shorter, it’s beam width to length ratio is greatly improved. This means that it is not going to feel near as tippy as the Bimini, but will still provide you with the same amount of speed. It also weighs nearly 12 pounds less than the Bimini, which provides a much easier time moving it around.

If you are looking for a simple pond boat, the Perception Kayak Sundance 12.0 comes in at slightly over 12 feet long, with a 28 inch wide beam. The lower center of gravity provided by sit inside kayaks means that you won’t feel near as uncomfortable while moving around, than a narrow, long sit on top model. At only 49 pounds, this boat is incredibly easy to move around, and the 12 foot length provides reliable tracking, and glide once you have completed your paddle strokes.

Ocean Kayak Fishing

January 2nd, 2010 by Michael in Kajak Fishing with 0 Comments

To remain safe while ocean kayak fishing, you are going to want to think about a few key aspects of what is going to happen while you are out on the water. The currents that you can encounter while fishing on the ocean, especially around islands and other large pieces of land can be incredibly difficult to maneuver in. The sheer size of fish that you can catch while you are fishing from a kayak is also a problem that many people are not prepared to encounter. Lastly, you can easily receive sun damage to your skin if you are not taking the necessary precautions, such as sun block, and adequate clothing.

Despite what most people believe, covering up your skin is necessary while you are ocean kayak fishing. Long sleeves, and khaki pants are a great way to protect your arms, chest, back, and legs from severe sunburn. A good fully brimmed hat, with a cloth down your neck is a great way to not only stay cool, but also protect your face and neck from sunburn as well. These are severe problems, that if you are planning for any amount of time on the big water, must be thought about before you leave the beach.

If you intend to do any fishing near islands, or other large pieces of structure, you are going to want to take the currents into consideration. At different times of the day, and different phases of the moon, the currents will move in different directions. To ensure that you remain safe, even if you have been through the spot before, keep the currents at the forefront of your thoughts, while you are padding around large pieces of structure.

Lastly, once you start hooking into fish, make sure that you are keeping your body weight centered, especially if you are not using any sort of outrigger setup, to keep the boat steady. If you think the pressure if the fish is too much for you, and you may flip, lessen the drag on your reel, to give the fish more room to run. As he begins to tire out, you can then apply more drag, and become comfortable with pulling large fish in, from a kayak. As long as you think about these things, your ocean kayak fishing trips will be much more enjoyable, both during, and after.

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