can i use any kayak in the surf to drop my fishing line?

I dont know much about the whole kayak thing… can i use any kayak? are there certain types just for waves? is it better when its smaller or bigger? any help would be nice… thanks

3 thoughts on “can i use any kayak in the surf to drop my fishing line?

  1. redcore Post author

    yes, but you can lose your kayak if the wave knock you out of it and pull it away.

  2. The Wormist Post author

    a sit on top style is the preferred one for fishing. mine has a hatch that l can slip my rod into in case l’m concerned about losing my rod in the surf. which, by the way, l only fish areas in the ocean with as little surf as possible. l use mine mostly in f/w or sheltered beaches. near the malibu pier is nice most of the time as is off of santa barbara county beaches.
    mine is a 12 1/2 foot “fish n dive” model by “cobra”. has a 600lb capacity. it is wide and a stable fishing platform.
    and there are other shorter ones for playing in the surf.

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