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Who else is loving this global warming?!?

I am loving this global warming! Here in southwest Michigan it is gona be 55 degree’s! With the exception of losing the ice fishing season, this is great! You can find me in my kayak fishing Friday evening! Hell, in a couple of years we may be sunbathing on Lake Michigan Beaches! No more traveling to Florida for fun in the sun! I call on all people who are in favor of global warming to buy 10 cans of hairspray and at the stroke of midnight, start spraying!!Happy New Year to all!!!
relax Matt S. Go take a ride in your suv. If you use a computer or drive a car your as guilty as anyone. I rode my bike and kayaked more yesterday then you have your whole life! I should be the one mad at you! But I’m not. Please buy some hairspray and help me improve the quality of life for all people who hate winter! Sorry skiers, I ski also, but it will be on water for now on. Sorry.

Kayak fishing the Great lakes?

Looking for info on this subject. I will be fishing the southern point of lake michigan, N.W Indiana. I am looking forward to the Skamania Summer run. Was looking for any other key timeframes to target other fish. How far out? What Depth? What Bait? Any certain bottom structure that fish are attracted?

What is the best lake fishing kayak to buy?

I’d like to kayak and fish in a calm lake in the Northern suburbs of Chicago. However, I would also like to trust that this same kayak could hold up to Lake Michigan. Any suggestions on the best fishing kayak to buy under $1,000?