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how to kayak fish???????

i dont know if i should buy a kayak i want to go fishing for trout bass catfish and maybe stripers but i want to know when your fishing for trout (trolling) where do you put the fishing pole and then where do you keep the fish if i put them on a stringer won’t they try to pull the kayak and then i wont be able to paddle and troll also i am not using a electric kayak because i dont want to register it

is kayak fishing any fun???

how is kayak fishing fun i want to buy something for fishing i bank fish for trout bass and catfish sometimes stripers and carp is kayak fishing a lot better than bank fishing explain why i fish in a lake where there is bass trout and catfish i only caught catfish and trout there but the bass are somewhere where i cant throw my lure what should i do just buy a kayak or buy stuff for bank fishing leave a link on which kayak,lure bankfishing bait,or whatever just leave a link i usually have no luck catching trout i went to this lake about 30 times and only caught one trout there so i want to try something different?

kayak lake fishing gear?

what is all the stuff you need for kayak fishing for medium sized fish like trout bass and striper