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Where to go on our anniversary?

Our 1 year anniversary is coming up and we want to get away for the weekend. I just moved up here so I don’t really know any places to go. We live in Jacksonville, NC so we don’t want to go more than 3 hours away. We love to do stuff like go to the beach and kayaking and fishing. Does anybody know of some great places that aren’t too expensive??

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4 Responses to “Where to go on our anniversary?”

Recessed says:

go to Miami South Beach and pretend to be rich people

Anna says:

Myrtle Beach, SC isn’t too far from there. Or you could go up to Emerald Isle. Both are wonderful!

Tammy says:

If you are looking to have fun and save some can find quite a few good tips from the site below..we paid less than half of the market price for our trip to Seattle on airline tickets and lodging in June.

doctordowntown99 says:

see if you can rent a beach house. you can get as wild and sexy as you want short of burning the place down. most have gas grills so you can have a relaxing supper there or go to a nice seafood restaurant. just pack the beer and wine for before and afterwards!

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