How is the Ocean Kayak Malibu 2 xl as a leisure and fishing kayak?

I am looking to buy a kayak, and have found a dealer locally that has a tandem, sit on top but I don’t have any opinions about the kayak. I plan on using it as a fishing kayak, solo, and as a way to hang out with friends (unexperienced kayakers) Any pros or cons about this kayak? Thanks! Eileen

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  1. David in Kenai Post author

    The Malibu 2 XL paddles decently as a single, which not all double kayaks do.

    At 34 inches wide, it is a going to be very stable. The wooden kayaks I build are 22 to 24 inches wide and I go fishing and crabbing in them.

    61 pounds is about par for a 14-foot plastic boat. Some women would struggle getting it onto the car top by themselves. Thule and Yakima both make roller systems that allow you only lift half the boat’s wieght, even by yourself.

    You should figure it is a warm-water boat. I paddle my closed-deck boats past little icebergs, literally, but that’s with paddle jacket, neoprene gloves and a good spray skirt. With a sit-on-top, you must use a wet or dry suit to stay warm if it is windy or cold. Snug fitting lycra tights and tops would be a way to extend your season a bit using what you may already have in your closet.

    Sit-on-tops in general are very stable but not as fast as narrower boats. They can handle moderate chop and small waves, but you can’t lean them on edge and surf in them like you can with whitewater boats and some touring kayaks. You also have limited gear storage. Fine for a day trip if you lash a dry-bag behind you. But no space for overnight camping gear.

    Overall, it seems a good match for your uses.

    $739 at REI

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