Inflatable raft/kayak/canoe for fishing. What is the best choice?

I am looking for an inflatable kayak/canoe/raft to use for fishing local rivers and lakes. I don’t have enough space for a hardshell, so I’ve been looking for inflatable dinghy type boats, but one that is elongated so I can paddle alone or with someone. Also, I want hard seats to sit on. I found a Saturn prototype on ebay, but have been unable to find a similar model. Price limit = $350. Help.

2 thoughts on “Inflatable raft/kayak/canoe for fishing. What is the best choice?

  1. zepman Post author

    I had a small 2 person inflatable raft and an inflatable canoe. I never used the canoe for fishing, but it was okay. The raft was a pain in the —- to maneuver. I really liked the sit on top kayaks they are stable but I know you said you don’t have the room. Hope this kind of helps I know it’s not fishing info but I thought it might help

  2. TIMOTHY J H Post author

    i have almost the exact same problem right now. Im leaning toward a canoe that i found on the sports authority website that is for $350. They also have many inflatable rafts but im afraid that they will pop. check out that site and maybe Dicks for some cheaper boats. Hope we can find what we’re looking for.

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