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Spring Break vacation in cape coral or daytona beach florida?

What are some fun things to do in either place? My family is trying to decide whether to go to Daytona beach or Cape Coral and for anyone whos ever been to either. Which one is better for things like kayaking, finding shells on the beach, natural beauty, fishing, beaches etc.


Going to the St. Joseph Bay Area in Florida tonite, suggestions please?

I’m going to Cape San Blas, visiting Mexico Beach, Panama City and possibly Tallahassee. Aside from scuba diving, horse back riding on the beach, kayaking, fishing…what other interesting things are there to do? Also how common are shark attacks in that area? Any other beach predators like jelly fish? Tips? Good restaurants? (specially cuban food… never had it) Anything you can think of to make this an unforgettable vacation ^^

surf fishing trip to outer banks?

So me and some friends are thinking of taking a surf fishing trip to the outer banks area. It would be all guys and we would camp. Probably at the Oregon inlet campground or Ocracoke Island campground. We plan on around three days of fishing mainly from the beach but maybe fishing around some docks and mb from kayaks (i dont know how easily kayaks will be able to rent to take out into the ocean to fish on will be). Does anyone have any tips suggestions etc.? We plan on taking this sometime in July or August so hows the fishing?