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I went fishing at the Florida keys for shark, with mullet as bait.(din’t catch shit)Why?

I just went fishing at the Florida keys, and I catch jacks, bluefish, grunts, cuberas and more. But my goal was to bring a shark home, I was fishing next to a bridge at the beach I used as bait a frozen mullet that i bought from a bait shop. I hooked the mullet with a wire and two hooks on. I throw it with out a weight and far as my rod can. I wait about an hour and a half, and nothing came. Please could you help me telling me what i did wrong or what i need to improve? But I think that if I get a kayak and i go farther, and throw my bait there I will get something.

Fishing help in Austin?

Where is a good place to fish in the summer in Austin from either a dock, shore, or maybe kayak. What fish are good, I’m a bit of a beginner. Any tips would be appreciated. I hear under the bridge on 360 is good, but theres too many boats. Also, we would plan on drinking but not littering of course, if you’ve had any bad experiences with park rangers please share.

do i need a fishing license to saltwater fish from a kayak in sc?

How about from shore?
Which Myrtle Beach bridge?