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Should I get a 10 foot or a 12 foot kayak?

I weigh 235 and I am 6’3″. I can’t fit in most kayaks I will use it on some slow floats in Missouri rivers. I will also use it for fishing. What are the pros and cons for both 10 foot and 12 foot kayaks. I have looked at 10 foot Ascend kayaks from Bass Pro Shop and 12 foot Dagger Axis from REI (It is a bit too pricey, but I love the cockpit). I wish I could find a new or used Dagger for cheaper.

Which Kayak to choose?

Okay I have narrowed it down to two:
ClearWater Design Muskoka 12ft
ClearWater Design Iqaluit 12ft

I would be using the kayak for 1-7 day trips and also alot for fishing. Both kayaks are similar, but the Iqaluit has a much larger cockpit which I would think be an advantage for fishing. I’ve never fished from a kayak and was wondering which would be a better choice for my needs. Do I sacrifice better quality, tracking and speed for better fishing? Does the bigger cockpit really make a huge difference in fishing? FWI im no beginner fisherman.

Muskoka cockpit = 34″ X 16″
Iqaluit cockpit = 51″ X 18″

What is a good kayak for fishing?

My cockpit 15′ Canadian Necky is tippy until until
I put a paddle float on one end and dig blade of
opposite end under shock cords that lace decking
behind my back. Leaning to the side of this improvised
outrigger helps peg the stability enough to work a stubby rod
and reel. I usually fish where freshwater delta enters ocean.
As sands dry at ebb I’ll go upriver to deeper channel until the
flood tide lets me escape. I’ll go ashore to drag out Bullhead
Shark; I have method to transform their eyeballs into quality
jewelry and Asian’s have a thing for my fin soup.