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Can somebody explain a balloon rig for shark fishing to me? 10 PTS Guaranteed!?

I have looked at all the sites and stuff and none of them really explain it or show a picture of a real one.

My questions:
1. How does the balloon “Release” after it gets into deep enough water? ( I fish at night and I also have a bb gun to do the job).

2. Do I just get a wind blowing away from the water by pure luck? or can the balloon rig work with just current?

3. If the current is against me and the wind is against me, what options do I have for getting the bait into deeper water? (Don’t have kayak and im not jumping into dirty water, not today).

4. Since i am planning to use a whole mackeral/bluefish/ladyfish, and a 6oz-8oz weight, will casting still work from a Penn Senator Special/Penn Slammer Rod combo?

5. LAST AND UNRELATED: Is chumming neccessary? Would just bleeding a fish work?
I am fishing from here: