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FL Fishing License and Lobster tag under 16 years old?

Ok, I just went out and got a lobster diving kit. Regulations say that you need a FL fishing license and a crayfish tag. BUT! A person under 16 years old (me) doesn’t need a fishing license. Does that mean I can just got out and go lobster fishing? And also, does anyone know any lobster holes around Key Largo that are assessable by kayak?

do i need a freshwater fishing license in florida?

i want to go out to a lake and go fishing in my kayak. i live in florida and its obviously freshwater. if im going to catch and release do i need a fishing license? i know i need one if i keep the fish but i just want to catch and release. do i need a fishing license or not?

do i need a fishing license to saltwater fish from a kayak in sc?

How about from shore?
Which Myrtle Beach bridge?