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What type of kayak to get?

What’s the difference between a touring kayak and a recreational kayak?

I live on the Hillsborough River in Tampa. I’d mainly like to get a kayak for going up and down the river. There’s a riverside bar/grill I like, plus I have other friends that live on the river. But also, I’d like to be able to take the kayak into the Gulf of Mexico sometimes. Being able to fish from it would be nice, but not a priority. Any suggestions?
Jim, what are you, a hooker?

Recmomend me a kayak?

Recomend me a fishing kayak. I’m a fairly big guy, 6’1″ around 300 pounds. Mostly fresh water, but may do some salt water in the gulf of mexico. Looking to spend less then $1,500.

What is an ideal length of anchor line for Tampa Bay?

I have been practically washed out to the Gulf of Mexico too many times in my sea kayak and want to add an anchor. Whats a good length versus average depth for my fishing kayak?