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Should i get an inflatable Canoe,inflatable Kayak,inflateable boat,a Float tube or inflatable Pontoon to fish?

I am about 90 lbs and 4 foot 11 inches. I Own Waders with boots and have been fishing for a while. I have about 200$ to spend and need a new way to fish. So should I get an inflatable boat, inflatable Canoe, inflatable kayak, inflatable float tube, or an inflatable pontoon to go fishing with

Inflatable raft/kayak/canoe for fishing. What is the best choice?

I am looking for an inflatable kayak/canoe/raft to use for fishing local rivers and lakes. I don’t have enough space for a hardshell, so I’ve been looking for inflatable dinghy type boats, but one that is elongated so I can paddle alone or with someone. Also, I want hard seats to sit on. I found a Saturn prototype on ebay, but have been unable to find a similar model. Price limit = $350. Help.