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Looking for a new best fishing spot in Rhode Island?

I am an avid fisherman and am looking for a new spot. I have some great ones already but am looking for something hard to reach. I always catch and release and will leave the area better than it was when I got there. I would be willing to give up a spot myself for the best answer. I dont mind hiking into the woods or having to kayak there, actually prefer it. just looking for a different spot. Sick of catching the same fish. Maybe you know a spot nobody goes to or really hard to get to, or in your Grandmothers woods behind the hose? Open to all suggestions.

Which Hawaiian island is more suited for sports?

Im planning a graduation vacation for my friend, me, and our two dads. We really like sports such as mountain biking, fishing, kayaking, and beaches that have big waves. Idealy we want to rent a beach house so choosing the right island would help alot.