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The Kayak Fishing Video

The Kayak Fishing Video

XShot Kayak Mount Bundled with the XShot 2.0 Review

A kayak fishing video solution for mounting your waterproof video camera to your hull, panoramic shots and dropping underwater for those fish action shots.

yakntexas- OCEAN KAYAK TRIDENT 13 ANGLER – REVIEW – rod pod, seat, tank well

www.30milesout.com (ty’s fish’n show! check it out!) today on YAKNTEXAS, i ( ty southerland) check out my neighbors new ocean kayak trident 13 angler… we put it in lake medina and give it a test… jesse tells you what he likes about the rod pod, tank well, solar guard etc…. alot of thought was put into this kayak for kayak fishing.. check it out! KAYAK FISHING VIDEO TALK SHOW…