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Fishing for rockfish in the Chesapeake Bay near Annapolis, help?

Okay so Ive been going out fishing for rockfish by kayak in the Bay and have been struggling with catching anything. When its real flat out weve tried using poppers but havent had any success. We also tried some bait without a ton of luck there as well, anyone have some advice on what kind of bait we should be using (live or not, what kind of fish, where we could get it?) or any real nice spots around Annapolis, like somewhere near tali point, bay ridge or sandy point?? Thanks so much any advice would be amazingly appreciated

what is the best bait for fishing in mission bay?

im goin down to san diego in april and i am goin to test out a few kayaks and was wondering what kind of bait i should use to catch calico bass and other bass in mission bay. also what other kind of fish can you fish for in mission bay. Also if you know the legal measurments that the bass have to be it would be appreciated.