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Kayak Question?

I am a fisherman, any good tips on how to buy or what to look for in an good 2 person kayak.I fish lakes and rivers

Sit-On-Top Kayaks: Standard or Fishing?

My wife and I are shopping for sit on top kayaks to use on the weekends. The primary purpose is to paddle flat water lakes and rivers, but we both like to angle (fish) and could possible do some angling from the kayaks as well. However, the angling kayaks are significantly more expensive. Is it any more difficult to use a standard sit on top kayak to fish from than from a angling kayak? If so, elaborate on the difficulties please.

I am looking for a kayak?

I have never kayaked before and need some advice as far as what type of kayak to purchase.

I will only be using it on calm lakes and rivers for potentially half day trips. Uses will be pretty much just for enjoyment (wildlife) however I may want to do just a bit of fishing with it.

Any suggestions?