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What to expect moving to Aracaju, Brazil?

I am a recent graduate at WVU and will be moving to Aracaju for my job. I’m really excitted b/c I’ve heard nothing but great things about Brazil. I would like some useful feed back about the city and what to expect. I’m still young and looking for fun activities such as: hiking, fishing, camping, biking, kayaking, all water sports, beer, nightlife, etc. I also love to travel.

Where is the best place to catch bass in the Ocala area?

I’m moving to Ocala this August and I would like to know where I can catch alot of bass. I’m a catch and release fisherman so I don’t intend on keeping anything. I just want to catch a bunch. I will be fishing from a kayak. PLEASE HELP!!!!!

I want a kayak that’s good on ponds/lakes with water that’s barely moving….what should I look for?

I don’t want to rule out heading out on rivers with 5 mile an hour current
but I’d mainly be on pretty calm water.

I don’t want to fish
and a one seater would be fine

what kinds of things should I be looking for in a kayak?

I’m very new to this.

Thanks a lot for any help