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What kayak is best for sea touring multiple days ?

I have been looking at the WS tsunami 170 pro. A transistional touring boat. But there are so many choices out there.I’m looking to paddle Glacier and Resurection Bay in Alaska for 2 – 4 weeks.And am also interested in a trip to Isle Royal in Lake Superior.I live in the Pacific North West and of course will want a good weekender.I am 5′ 8″ and 200 lbs. 10 inch shoe and with mediocre kayak paddling skills.This is a one time one boat purchase and I dont want to have to keep upgrading like I have with backpacking equipment. Much of the reviews on the internet are simply plugs for certain brands or fishing trips for reviews.Someone out there has taken the trips I’m aiming for. Please help !! I’ve tried some at local retailers but feel I’m always being fitted for there selection only.And I dont believe you can really know a boat in a few hours. Thanx