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Learn Kayak Fishing

Learn Kayak Fishing

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Learn Kayak Fishing

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Posted: Jan 06, 2011 |Comments: 0

If you love spending time out basking in the lap of nature and enjoying its multifarious bounties, then you will definitely love the sport of Kayak fishing. This sport is now become quite popular among anglers and boating enthusiasts. The first thing about this type of fishing is that it is a low cost sport, when compared to other forms of angling. This outdoor ritual has a touch of adventure, when you face the challenges of fishing from this particular type of boat.

Types Of Kayaks

Kayaks have been one of first stable flotation devices made my man. Kayaks offer a thrill that regular boats can never match. Even though motorized vessels are available for fishing, many of us love to get back to basics through kayak fishing. There are many models of kayaks available to choose from including “sit on top” and “sit inside” types. The sit on top type of kayak is the most popular as well as the recreational kayaks.


There are a variety of different paddles available for you to choose from. Buy one which suits your budget and feels right to you. Consider the size, weight, durability, construction and purpose. Straight shaft paddles are usually the norm for kayak fishermen as opposed to twisted shaft paddles. A straight shaft paddle offers excellent stability and you don’t have to think of hand positioning. The swing weight of the paddle should be also considered for easy maneuverability.


To enjoy your kayak fishing you need to be comfortable when you sit. Seats are clipped on to the eyelets of the kayak and have adjustable straps which can be changed to match your comfort. Back support is a factor which allows you to lean back comfortably while fishing. The kind of padding material the seats are made of should also be considered. Foam seats offer the best support as against inflatable seating. You can have additional storage built into the seat for other accessories such as rod holders and water bottles.

Your kayak fishing checklist should include many other items which are needed during a fishing expedition. So you need to invest in quality rods, tackle, bait tank, a phone stored in a dry bag, VHF radio, life jacket, food, water, sunscreen, camera and wetsuit etc.

Fishing Lessons

The paddler’s ability to steady the kayak throughout the various activities of fishing underlies the basic process. You need to feel one with your kayak as you cast, release and fish. In order to gain proficiency you can also take kayak fishing lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced if you want to perfect the techniques and become a regular kayak angler.

* Beginner: Here you learn the basics which include paddle, launching, landing and get introduced to fishing tactics and gear essentials.

* Intermediate: You will be taught various tactics and techniques, how to target special species of fish, lure and bait selection, landing and safely releasing fish and factors that affect fishing from a kayak.

* Advanced: These lessons will help go for big game fish, extend paddling distances, launching and landing through surf and fishing in less than ideal conditions. You will learn to target big game species.

As you increase your hours on the water you will gain in confidence and improve your skill levels in kayak fishing. This hybrid sport can appeal to anyone of any age, gender and skill level.

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Windsor Harris
About the Author:

www.paddlerscove.com is the website where you can buy kayak fishing gear and other items related to kayaking.

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