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How to Choose a Kayak

There are two general types of kayaks. When I say this, I mean that the types you sit on, and the kind you sit in. They both maneuver well in the water, but you need to figure out which would suit you best.

Kayaks and Scuba Diving

Let’s talk about the type you sit on. The sit on kayaks are generally used for fishing, and carrying extra equipment. These types of kayaks have tie downs and spaces to carry any extra you need to bring along.

If you are a scuba diver or snorkeler, the sit on type will suit you well. You can carry your scuba equipment and use it as a base while you are underwater. Placing divers’ flags will alert other people that you are diving. You can also use it as a resting platform between dives. Check with your local dive shops to make sure you are following the regulations for diving from a kayak. Since scuba diving requires a friend, then you will want the two-seater.

Kayaks and Sightseeing

If you like to explore and camp along rivers or lakes, then a sit upon kayak is your ticket. The tie down straps and cords will help you carry your camping gear.

If you haven’t ever taken a trip along a river, you are really missing out on a wonderful experience. Kayaks are excellent for maneuvering and are easier to learn how to paddle. They balance well and catch less wind than a canoe. While there is nothing wrong with a canoe, kayaking is easier to learn to control, especially in the wind and in rough water.

Kayaks and Fly Fishing

If you are a fly fisherman, sit upon kayaks are great. You can get in and out of the kayak easier if necessary to land that big old granddaddy fish. If you really want control while you are fishing, there are sit upons that come with underwater paddles that can be paddled with your feet.

Kayaks for White Water

Sit in kayaks are used to control rough water and experiencing the thrill of challenging nature. They are also used to keep you warm when kayaking in cold water. The down side to sit in kayaks is that they roll over a lot easier. For people who like white water rafting, the roll is essential and is what causes the excitement. As you can imagine, white water kayaking is not a sport for the squeamish or faint-hearted.

Choosing between a sit in or a sit on greatly depends on what you wish to do. If you are in it for the adventure, then go for the sit it. If you want to enjoy the lake and scenery, then go for the sit on.

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