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Can you help me make a list of outdoors activities someone can do alone?

Include water and seasonal types please I’ll start

Spear fishing
Scuba diving
Practice guitar outside

Why has no one on YA ever been spear fishing in their life?

I need someone with actual experience to answer some questions:

First what implement is the best that I can buy? I heard to buy a co2 powered spear instead of a band powered one?

Second, where should I go? I live on the coast.. there is a sound side I can go on, but I worry about boats and jet skis. What is a smart way to get away from them? I would imagine staying close to shore is the way to go?

What are some safety tips you can give me? One thing that comes to mind, where ever I go I plan on being away from swimmers, but that would be my worst nightmare, to accidentally spear a swimmer that was in the area that I didn’t see or something like that.

How dangerous are shark to snorkelers (I don’t want to scuba just yet) and what type of knife is used for a diver as a just-in-case?

Can I spear shark or would this be suicidal?

Lastly I have an ocean going 1 man kayak. Am I being rediculous to think that I could use a small anchor to keep the kayak in place while I spear fish near it on a calm day?