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What should I fish for this weekend?

I’m going fishing this weekend or next, and I’m not sure what to target. I’m set up for fly tackle or spinning tackle, and I have a kayak available which is rigged for fishing. I live in central Texas, and lake Belton and the Stillhouse hollow reservoir are nearby. I’ll probably bring two or three rods. I’m not sure I want to hassle with live bait, although I may if the conditions look good. Water should be clear in the upper 50s or low 60s.

What kind of tackle would you buy to go fishing in the Bay?

You have a kayak, a rod & reel, a bait well, and a cooler. You’ve just been given a gift card to your local sporting good store for $70. What kind of tackle would you buy? (Lures, Leaders, Hooks, etc.)
The target would be Red Fish and Trout in Galveston, TX.

Kayak fishermen, tell all! What’s your fishing setup like?

I bought a kayak for fishing a year or so ago, and I absolutely love it. I’m convinced there’s no more productive, more enjoyable, or more relaxing way to fish.

Are you a kayak fisher also? What’s in your outfit? Tell me what type of kayak you have, what tackle setup you use, your methods, what fish you normally target, and what gadgets have helped you out.

I’m especially interested in fishfinders on kayaks (I don’t yet have one), but please tell all!