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does anyone know what the 1947 walleye fishing secret is?

ive been trying to figure out what this is
if you have a picture of what it is or can tell me what it does

because i dont want to waste money on something i already have maybe
please go to the link or help me out

Have you heard of a fishing product that is…

Over 4 feet long
Powered by a 12-volt battery (like a car battery or the battery on a boat)

Important: Need a battery? Get one in our “Walleye Fishing Secret” gold package offer here.
3 and a half pounds in weight
Is more effective in the evening, night, or early morning fishing
Is used in freshwater AND saltwater to swarm fish to your spot in a massive FEEDING FRENZY
Can be used from shore, boat, dock, or even from a kayak
Swarms hundreds of bait and game fish to your spot within 40 minutes!
Built with industrial-strength materials, lasts for over 10 years!

Can a hooked fish flip your kayak?

I will be hand-lining for walleye but just out of curiosity;

if a 50 pound Asian carp decides he likes my jig what will happen?

I know he’s gonna pull me but can if he swims downwards can’t it flip your kayak over?

Good fishing kayak suggestions?

I live in southern Ontario and would like to know where to go to buy a fishing kayak and some suggestions. I’ll be fishing freshwater lakes and rivers only. I usually target bass, walleye or pike. Price range is about $500-$700.
Thanks Ole Fisherman, looks like a great boat. What are the fins underneath? Is it motorized and would i have to register it or something? I’m only 16