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Help for a Kayak Beginner?

I would like to start kayaking. I mostly would like to kayak on still lakes and down slow moving rivers. I live in michigan so the weather is always changing.
What is a good beginners kayak I would like to spend under $500 if that’s possible. Is sit on the best bet or sit in. i’m 5’3 125lbs. So something I could easily move not too heavy and I dont want an inflatable. No whitewater for now, just take in scenic views and fishing. I would be kayaking by myself , i don’t want to join a club, is kayaking by yourself not recommended?

Does anyone know how to kayak fish?

I am a beginner at fishing and enjoy it very much. I mean I’ve only been fishing (and knowing what I’m doing) for about 4 years now. It is so addicting. I don’t go a day without thinking about fishing. My parents recently purchased two average kayaks (adjustable foot rests, crossed bungee in the front, and small bungee compartment in the rear, sit-in kayak). I have really wanted to fish off of my kayak ever since I laid eyes on it. As always, before I go out and do something I over research to know exactly what I’m getting into. I would like to know what should be taken on a kayak fishing trip, what to do if I hook a fish, weather an anchor is necessary, and all other useful information needed to fish off the side of a kayak. Thank you so much for your time. Ryan!
I know how to use a kayak like a piece of work… I just need to know the “need to knows” and other tips. Thanks.

Kayak Fishing Classics Is Heating Up With The Gulf Coast Weather

          Kayaks sat on the sun-sparkled water. Fishing gear sat at the ready, sitting in the water, calling to the fish. The Florida weather was beautiful and a perfect day for the TenAcious Trout Classic of the Kayak Fishing ClassicS tournament series.   New faces joined veteran ones on Saturday, March 27 in the Tampa Bay area to fish the waters and compete in the challenge. The competition was tough, and the winners were greatly rewarded.   Tony Lai placed first in both Fly Fishing and Light Tackle divisions. Derick Burgos took second in both divisions. Newcomers Randy Cohen and his son Mack took third and fourth places in the Light Tackle division, respectively.   Tony and Derick, who have fished in the ClassicS series tournament before, had nothing but good things to say about the products they won in the previous tournament.   Both men liked the Albright Fishing Rods better than previous rods they have fished with. Derick said the rods are constantly accurate, cast easy and are overall great rods. Tony said that the rods catch better and feel nice.  Tony used the Riverbum Saltwater Flies and thought highly of their durability.  Derick said the flies are of high quality, cast easy, have great action and heed good results.   Derick also got many catches, especially trout, with the High Roller Lures.   Aqua Design’s camouflage clothing was agreed on by both men to be light and comfortable, and helps to keep them visually quiet. The clothing also dries quickly, which Derick liked because he doesn’t want to be wet while fishing.   Derick loves Ocean Waves Sunglasses with the mirrored tint that helps with the glare on the water so that he can see straight through. Tony has yet to order his, but he is excited to use them.   The Ice Mule Cooler has held the attention of both men for the quality of the product and its use as a dry bag as well. Derick has used it for its convenience in keeping the fish he catches cold and fresh on his long days fishing when not in a ClassicS Tournament.   And if all that wasn’t enough on the water, both men read up on the sport and are impressed with the accurate, good stories inside Kayak Angler Magazine. It’s one of the only magazines either reads.   Newcomer Randy enjoyed the tournament and had a lot of fun. He truly appreciated all of the products offered as prizes in the tournament and can’t wait to see how he is going to use them.   For more information on the Kayak Fishing ClassicS series tournament, visit their website at www.KayakFishingClassicS.com.

Kayak Fishing ClassicS utilizes college journalism students as staff journalist. Each article will begin with the authors’ name.