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Which is the best Kayak?

I am in the process of losing 100 pounds. As a reward at 50 pounds lost I am going to buy a fishing Kayak. I’ll still be a big guy at -50 lbs so I am sold on the Wilderness System Kayaks. Only question is the Ride 135 or Tarpon better. They are about the same price (expensive) but I only want to make this purchase once. Which is better and what’s the difference between the two?

Help selecting fishing kayak and ergonomic paddle for 5’5″ female?

I have carpel tunnel in hands and low back issues, am 5′ 5″ 140 lb. female looking to buy a fishing kayak. Stability and comfortable seat are important. 1) Trying to decide on a malibu stealth or wilderness system tarpon 12 or 14′ kayak. 2) Also need to know how long and type of paddle. I would like the paddle to break down and be able to feather or not.
Thank you for your assistance.