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choosing a kayak ;?

which kayak would be better

malibu stealth 14

wilderness tarpon 160 Angler
i will trolling, fly fishing, and casting in the chesapeake bay, back bays on the alantic ocean and freshwater fishing
also what are the pros/cons of each yak

I need a good fishing kayak, recommend me one! (Read more inside) 10pts best answer?

Ok, here is an overview. I want a kayak that a novice like me can handle but isn’t counted as a “newb” ‘yak. I want something that I can fish in the local bays and bayous. I plan to catch redfish and trout. I need something that is under $750 cuz I only have $380 collected right now :(. I need something that can store my tackle and some food maybe.

What is a good, compact fishing pole I can use in my kayak?

I’ll be on small rivers, lakes and ponds, going after bass, trout and the like. I just find a conventional pole to be really awkward to deal with while sitting in a kayak. Any ideas?
Mark D – good answer, but in my case I’ve already got the kayak; it’s an 8′ recreational one. Sooo…I’ve gotta find a pole that suits the ‘yak, not visa-versa.