What are some must-haves for kayak fishing?

I just got a SOT kayak this weekend and I am wondering what I all I need to equip it for some fishing. I do a little bit of fresh and salt water fishing.

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  1. Barney B Post author

    To start of you would need 1 or 2 cheaper rods & reels. In the beginning a person do tend to over turn in the swells and. Ones you get the hang of launching the kayak into the surf you can start useing more expensive fishing tackle.

    2 x Rod tie downs to ensure that you dont loose the rods.
    1 x Medical kit
    1 x Set of emergency ecuipment {flares etc.}
    1 x Water proof bag for cellphone or radio
    1 x Small gaff to hook the fish
    1 x Tackle box
    1 x Sharp knife
    1 x Anchor and rope
    Aviod putting out the anchor at sea if you dont know what you are doing. Most kayak anglers use the trawling method at sea.
    Each kayak angler has different items on his kayak so within time you will quickly learn what items to take with.

    Good luck it’s a very nice way of fishin

  2. jduck1979 Post author

    The most obvious one, which applies to fishing from any kind of small boat is a Lifejacket (aka “Life-Preserver”), in case you end up going for a swim.
    You may also want to invest in a survival + First-aid kit, for in case you get stranded in the middle of no where.

    After that, you’re pretty much sorted…… just bring along some food (preferably in a sealed container) & some drink (preferably non-alcoholic), and the minimum amount of tackle, and that’s pretty much it if just planning days out in it, rather than whole weekend / week long camping trips.

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