Need a Kayak under 200 dollars!!!?

does anyone nowere to get a kayak under 200 bucks. not a blow up one because my mom thinks ther not safe. i dnt need to kayak far, it just to fish like 40 feet from shore in this area my frens go to. it doesnt have to be long either. i remember seeing a 100 dollar 8ft kayak at sports authority but i cnt find it online

2 thoughts on “Need a Kayak under 200 dollars!!!?

  1. Dillon Post author

    find a used kayak. check craigslist. I found one for $150 just today. but the kayak is only part of the expenses. There is a lot of things that come with kayaks. even if you find a used kayak that isn’t complete crap, you’re going to need a spray skirt ($100) a paddle ($50-150, depends) and a lot of other stuff. chances are even if you get it all used you wont find the whole deal for less than $600, and that’s being super thrifty.

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