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Kayak Fishing Events: Tournaments Galore

Kayak Fishing Events: Tournaments GaloreLast-year’s-September-Slam-winner-WoW

Kayak fishing is really gaining traction and there seems to be new tournaments every month. This past month, however, there were a plethora of exciting events that every avid fisherman would be honored to partake in.

Extreme Kayak Fishing September Slam

Wrapping up September, the Extreme Kayak Fishing September Slam brought excitement to every kayaker. This event was held in Pompano Beach and saw the winner Brian Nelli bring in the grand prize. Nelli is well-known in the industry and has been featured in magazines throughout the world. While it is no surprise that he would be at the event, his winning was pure genius.

Nelli used a zig-zag pattern with a goggle-eye to catch his 34.3 pound kingfish. With this, he won the September Slam and brought home more than $5,000 in prize money. Not too bad for a day’s catch!Steve Lessard of Geismar

IFA Kayak Fishing Tour Championship

Just last week, the IFA Kayak Fishing Tour Championship concluded their 2 day event. Three year veteran, Steve Lessard  would prove to be victorious with a combined length of 114.38 inches of fish caught. This is a unique tournament that calculates the winner by calculating the total length of all fish caught during the event.

Lessard is a master of preparation and claims his win came out of changing his tactics at the right time. When the weather changed, he chose to go with trout imitation so that he could take advantage of the fish currently biting.

All those that have missed their chance to partake in a tournament will need to wait until next year to qualify for the next event. The National Championship Classic starts on November 16th and will bring the biggest names in the sport to Mosquito Lagoon. All those that are invited will be competing for over $10,000 in sponsor gear.IFA Kayak Fishing Championship

Native Watercraft Slayer 12 Kayak Fishing Package

A Complete Kayak fishing package, are you kidding me? At least someone thought of it for people like me! I don’t want to go shopping for days. Here’s a deal from a reputable company that’s going to give me everything I need to just plop my boat in the water and enjoy!

Located in North Carolina Native Watercraft makes a wide range of Kayaking products and accessories! They get it, why not offer a complete package so you don’t have to buy everything separate. Instead check this package out. Yes, you need to bring your own pole and beer!

So what can you get for $1279.00? An Awesome trio complete, ready to throw in the back of your pick up and set out on a Kayak adventure.

The Native Watercraft Slayer 12 Kayak Fishing Packagecomes with Slayer 12, Stohlquist Fishing PFD, Two Installed Flush Mount Rod Holders, One Installed Scotty Bait Caster Rod Holder, one square outfitting plate, and Paddle Leash.
• Native Watercraft Slayer 12 Kayak: 12 ft long, 31 in wide, 70 lbs, 350 lbs capacity
• Bending Branches Slice Glass Paddle: Fiber Glass Shaft, Fiberglass/Nylon Blades, 35oz
• Stohlquist Fisherman PFD: Type III, 16.5 lbs. of flotation, 420 Denier Nylon

A Great Kayak Package for The Beginner


The Native watercraft website showed me that this company takes pride in what they offer and a dedication to the Kayak fisherman’s needs. Their website also offers suggestions for their endorsed Kayak guided trips, and even guided birdwatching trips!

Don’t be surprised if you catch me tooling around sipping a margarita while I’m fishing on my new Kayak!

Choosing a Suitable Rod And Reel For Kayak Fishing

Fishing rod and fishing reel are one of the most important parts of kayak fishing. It needs to be perfect to catch good sized fish and also not too light so that it is over run by a big fish. Here we are discussing the two in brief.

Fishing rod for kayak fishing

There are many varieties of fishing rods available on the market suitable for kayak fishing. To choose one you need to first consider where you are going to store the rod – in craft or in a case, while you are traveling to your launch point and back.

It is seen many enthusiasts of kayak fishing go for a telescopic rod, which is about 12 inches in length. It is not tough to store in a back pack and also same when it is stowed in the deck’s hatch.

These days with the advancement of technology all the good rods are equipped with rugged materials to provide it flexibility while catching big sized fish. Some truly good fishing rods are being manufactured these days for kayak fishing gear.

Fishing reel for kayak fishing gear

This part may be a bit tricky if you are budget sensitive. In general fishing reel for kayak fishing gear comes at high price, but remember there are lots of options available and none, to my knowledge, is specifically designed for canoes or small boats. You can though get several fishing reels designed for light lines and small rods. Also, take note that reels made for fishing from a pier or a bank may not be fit as kayak fishing gear because of their fragile nature as well as exterior moving parts.

Personally I have seen those fishing reels which are known as “egg beaters” or spinning reels having spool at the front end can be easily damaged if used in kayak fishing as its bail is easily bentable and the distance of it from the rod make it a bit difficult to place on the deck.

I prefer bait caster models fishing reels. Though it is a bit expensive but is robust. Oh yes, a land practice of some sort is recommended before using this in kayak fishing because it can easily over run.