Kayak Fishing Stake Out Pole

You may have been in the river with your kayak and were constantly annoyed by the fact that you have to keep repositioning our kayak. You would like to just sit in one spot and wait for the fish to bite. You may have seen fishing anchors. Many of these anchors work well, but they can be expensive. A cheaper alternative is a kayak stake out pole. Below are the most commonly asked questions about the pole.

What is a kayak stake out pole?

A kayak stake out pole is an alternative to a kayak fishing anchor. The pole enables an angler to push it into the ground easily. A rope is connecting the pole to the kayak. This keeps the kayak secured while the angler is free to fish as he/she pleases.

Is a kayak stake out pole or a fishing anchor better?

It depends on where you are going to be fishing. If you only stick to shallow rivers then a stake out pole would be an ideal option. However, if you like to fish in the ocean with your kayak then a stake out pole will not work. You will need to have a big anchor that can keep you still even when the waves start to come.

How long does a stake out pole last?

The length of time the stake out pole will last is entirely dependent on how well you take care of it. If you wash it off with a hose and put it away after each use, then it can last for years. However, if you fail to wash it off and leave it outside between uses, it will start to show signs of aging and it will crack.

A kayak stake out pole can make your fishing experience more enjoyable. If you do not currently have a stake out pole or anchor then you should start looking today!

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