Anyone knows about fishing at Edmonton?

I just bought a Kayak and want to go fishing this summer. I have no experience in fishing though. Can anyone shed some lights?

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  1. junebug Post author

    I highly recommend taking the Get Hooked Fishing’s basic fishing package to learn how and where to fish around here.
    Trips include guide, boat, tackle, rain gear and full sit down lunch and beverages. You choose where you want to fish whether the river or lake.
    A valid Alberta Fishing License is required that you can get from Walmart, Can Tire, Fishin’ Hole, etc

    The prices are pretty reasonable and you can get tons of information from them as to where it’s safe to fish and kayak around here. It’s definitely worth taking either the half day pkg or full day pkg. They have one especially geared for beginners like yourself.
    You can email them at:
    Here is their website:

    There are tons of lakes to fish around the Edmonton area as my son and his group of friends are avid fisherman. They usually go to Pigeon, Gull, coal, Hesse plus lots of the other smaller lakes. When they were younger they used to fish off the shores of the Saskatchewan River by Fox Drive or Goldbar Park. They also used to fish at a few of the stocked ponds – there are 3 in the Edmonton area.

    Fishing can be a relaxing sport and doesn’t have to cost a fortune. I don’t recommend eating the fishing out of the river though I know some people do eat them within limits. There is an advisory as to eating the fish from it. Go on any morning down to the river banks and you’ll find people fishing and they are the most friendly people who love to give you tips.

    Here is Alberta’s Fishin’ Message boards where you’ll find out everything you need to know about where to fish, how to fish and you can ask questions. It is THE site for Edmonton area fishermen and it’s always up to date

    Hopefully these are of help to you and if you have any more questions – add a note and I’ll find out.

    Good Luck

  2. nad Post author

    Fish in the Saskatchewan River. You’d probably pull out everything BUT fish, but hey, its still a good time. LOL

    You gotta go out of Edmonton to fish…somewhere else in Alberta im sure you can find a couple of hundred fish there…

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