Are there any good fishing sunglasses under 50 dollars?

Went out fishing with my friend the other day and he kept pointing to fish in the water, which I couldn’t see till he let me try his coasta del mar ones on. Well needless to say I was amazed seeing all sorts of stuff in the water ….then I saw the price. I can’t afford them on a ramen noodle budget being as I am going to college and have a child. Preferably I would like to spend as little as I can. 50 bucks is my limit and would include shipping and handling if it were online. Any help would be nice whether there are or aren’t any good ones so I can stop looking. 🙂 I fish mostly on my kayak in the flats if that helps.

5 thoughts on “Are there any good fishing sunglasses under 50 dollars?

  1. Surfer Chick! Post author

    Usually because of the glare, you need polarized lenses. I wouldn’t quite worry about brand names for $50 but you can pick up a decent pair of Cancer Council sunnies for around $30. Their good quality and durable.

    Hope this helps

  2. fireman Post author

    Check Cabela,s they have 30 or so different pairs for under 30 dollars.

  3. Chimp Dancer Post author

    For under 50 bucks you should look into Flying Fisherman sunglasses. They’re pretty good and come in a variety of colors to help you spot fish. I usually get them at Walmart my way for about $20.00 : . Another one in the $20.00 price range would be the Berkley sunglasses which are sold at Walmart : ( just scroll down a bit) Another good one would be the Foster Grant polarized sunglasses which are sold at BJ’s or Walgreens.
    Not to bust your chops but that old saying, ” you get what you pay for” is pretty true with these cheaper models. They work great, don’t get me wrong but they will not last as long as a high end model. I’ll admit I own a pair of Flying Fishermans’ and they’re not bad for the price. If I happen to lose them, oh well, my wallet won’t feel that sting so bad.~good luck catchin’

  4. Jackrabbit Slim Post author

    walmart sells berkelys 1.1 milimeter polarized fishing glasses for 15 dollars. work great. try those and if your buddy can still see stuff you cant see, then look into a 50 dollar pair.

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