ASAP—Need Shark Surf Fishing Advice From EXPERIENCED Surf Fisherman/woman. TBONE HELP PLEASE?

I just bought the Okuma Avenger ABF65 Reel. I picked it over penn do to the price and the “live bait” feature. I have 50lb power pro I would setup on it. Unless you think 40 will work. I am still looking for a rod… i was torn between 10 or 12 ft rod. I plan on getting out and dropping my bait (kayak or somthing) But yes on occasion i will be casting. So I need advice on a rod. also how much mono line and what lb should i use for giving some give and cushion so to speak so should i not have any? Also leaders length and strength and pyramid or slip sinker? what weight? how should i have that hooked up? I would like pics if at all possible. I fish a lot! and have been fishing Florida on vacation enough too. BUT!!!! i want advice on how to handle big sharks! I have cought bonnettheads and even a stingray (no barb on him) but please advice on handling both sharks and rays with barbs! pics please. Also what size pliers I would like links for the products so i can purchase online or ebay whichever So please ALLLLLLLLLLL the advice i can get! 😀 Thank you all! Also i will be fishing in Florida Indian Rocks Beach to be exact so if anyone had advice on where i can get good bait that would be great as well (bonito ect.)

Tbone if you get this can i somehow get your number I will be heading down there kinda soon before i leave for the Army maybe mid feb. or early march. I would like to get as much info from you as i can or even go fishing with you!
Anyone with advice on handling sharks? Or pictures of the setup

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  1. yankees_rule717 Post author

    well if you’re fishing during the day i’d go with the 12 ft but at night the 10 ft because the longer the pole the longer it takes to tell which way the shark is running. i would also stick with power pro because the more line the better and also go with the 50lb test if you can get 350+ yards if not go to 40lb test. for leader it depends on the size of the shark you’re catching i use 230lb plastic coated towing cable 3-4 feet then 6 feet of round weed-eater string with two 14/0 hooks and a 2/0 swivel or higher. use crimps to attach hooks to wire, wire to weed-eater, and weed-eater to 2/0 or higher swivel then tie your main line leader to the swivel and you’re good to go. and for bait we use jack, bonito, ladyfish, barracuda, or mullet. and i know that is only 230 but it has reeled in a 11 foot hammer, a 9 foot bull, and a 9 foot tiger, and tons of 8-4 foot sharks

  2. Jon Post author

    Ok now to start you off I would say all you need is the ten foot rod. Put 20 to 30 lb. mono on and about a foot to two foot leader. (PS Ask the bait store for pre-made shark setups which come with the hooks and leaders.) Before you tie on the leader make sure you put a slip swivel on which is a swivel for your weight that you slide up the line before you tie on the hook and leader. Depending on the current will show how much weight. I shark fish off the jersey shore and usually use 4 ounce pyramid weights. Ok now once your setup and make sure you bring lights you have to get bait. Any bloody cut up chunks of fish will do fine. Now if your going at night which is usually the best time cast your line out and wait. When the shark hits set the hook 3 times and let him run. After he made his first run tighten up on the drag and slowly walk up the surf and reel back down to the water. When he wants to run let him and never give slack. Once you land your shark have someone help you out. If the hook is easy to get have a hook remover to pull that hook out, but if its too deep just cut it. REMEMBER YOU DON”T WANT TO GET HURT AND NEITHER DOES THE SHARK SO BE CAREFUL. Hope this helps and good luck:)

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