Bass fishing near dead trees?

I fish in a kayak on a pond with dead trees everywhere today i caught a picker on a dardevel and a bass on a popper any suggestions for different lures at ddifferent imes of the day, the pond is in mass

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  1. bassplayer_1313 Post author

    spinnerbaits and flipping jigs around those trees. especially for the bass. crankbaits along any channel or high spots. plastic worms everywhere.
    rapala type lures for those pickerel and any pike you may probably have.
    with that kind of cover, l would figure conditions to remain pretty constant all day long. try topwaters early A.M. and evening.

  2. unmamfqlm Post author

    plastic worms/lizards texas rigged with bullet weight
    rattle traps
    rooster tails
    plastic jerk baits (zoom flukes are a good choice)
    tube baits
    Live minnows will do good if all else fails

  3. Jordan C. Post author

    A really good technique used to fish around objects is “senko”. It is a very easy technique. Another good thing to try is “wacky” rigging it. A good senko/wacky worm (and a inexpensive one) is the Yum “dinger”.
    Cast those senkos out on a hot day right into any shade covered areas ie. docks, trees etc.

    Good luck, hope this helps,
    Jordan Cameron

  4. Mackerel Daddy Post author

    As the water warms up throw poppers and buzzbaits along the length of the downed tree. It would be a great place for crappie fishing if they are in the pond. Try live minnows or green grubs. The next few weeks should be peak for crappie up there.

  5. rockyb Post author

    If you are fishing for suspended fish in the trees a plastic worm or a bait like a chomper(jig) works great especially after the bass have spawned.Just flip your bait in trees and strip off some line and slowly jig it up and down.Also try throwing some crankbait and running them right through the middle of the trees.Better use a least 20 lb line.

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