Best rod and reel for surf shark fishing..?

I live in the Gulf Coast in Pinellas Co. and I’m wanting to get into shark fishing. Im looking at catching sharks in the 5-6 foot range. I have no means of getting the bait out with a kayak or anything so I was thinking a spinning reel. I know most use conventional but how would I get the bait out? Can you suggest a good spinning reel that can hold about 500 yards of 50 lb braid? Also if you can suggest a way to get the bait out what would a good conventional reel be? For the spinning reel I’m looking for a 2 piece rod that can get the bait out far enough, any ideas?

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  1. Backwater Charlie Post author

    50lb braid has the same diameter of most 12lb monofilament’s. As for the reel, check out the Cabela’s Salt Striker Baitfeeder Spinning reels. They have a “baitfeeder” which means you can have the bail closed and the reel engaged, yet line can freely go out and there’s a noise which warns you that line is freely coming from the reel. If your using circle hooks, all you have to do is let the Shark run a little bit and flip the “baitfeeder” switch and give a little pull backwards. These reels (the SSBF 80-size, Cabela’s Salt Striker Baitfeeder) retail for $69 and hold 350-yards of 20lb monofilament, probably a little over 500-yards of 50lb/12lb diameter braid.

    You can get by with something cheaper, if you can’t afford that. Daiwa’s DF100A Giant spinning reel will hold over 500-yards of 50lb/12lb diameter braid and the reel is just $32. It would work fine, just doesn’t have the baitfeeder-option as the Cabela’s reel has.

    Pair either up with a Daiwa Beefstick Surf rod, 11′ MH or 12′ MH version, for $27 – $29.

  2. AdamS Post author

    the best spinning reel for shark fishing is a fin nor ofs 95. holds plenty of line and has a good rod.
    a good conventional reel would be a penn senator 6/0
    ways to get your bait out are surfboard.kite, or you can swim it out

    for rods i would look at a ocean master 12′ 6-12oz or a st croix mojo surf 12’6 6-16oz rod

  3. yo, yo, yo Post author

    One of the cheaper copies of a Shimano Baitrunner would be fine, such as the Okuma Avenger and Okuma Epixors. One of the true Shimano Baitrunners would be an excellent choice too if you were willing to shell out $150 – $180 a piece for them. Pair either the Okuma Avenger, Okuma Epixor, Cabela’s Salt Striker, or Shimano Baitrunner (depends on how much you are wanting to spend) with a 9′ – 12′ H surf spinning rod. You can get a decent surf rod fairly cheap, $30 to $80. Make sure it holds about 500-yards of 10lb or 12lb mono as most 50lb braids are the diameter of Berkley Big Game 12lb mono or a thinner 10lb mono.

    I’m not too familiar with surf fishing but to get the bait out? Just cast it. If you can’t use a conventional reel well enough to purchase a decent one, don’t do it.

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