best starter kayak for Missouri?

i want to get a kayak for around 500 dollars around St. louis for fishing any ideas

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  1. Ole Fisherman Post author

    A “sit-on-top” would be optimum, but, over the years I’ve owned both and they both work well. It’s important you purchase 2 other items (along with your kayak and paddle)- A paddle tether and a small Kayak anchor.

    Kayaks tend to move at a “breath” of wind (anchor) and you certainly don’t want to lose your paddle while catching a large fish (paddle tether)!

    Anywho, here is a Kayak article on the best top 10 kayaks under $500-

    Remember, a used kayak works just as good as a new one, (99% of the time). Try hitting your local Craigslist- I think you’ll be surprised how many kayaks you’ll find under $350!

    Hope this helps ya?

  2. enufofthisshit Post author

    yes. definitely a SOT. and a good used one should fall right in to your price range.
    a good kayak designed for fishing is going to be wider than other sport models. it should also have hatches. either come with them or have a dealer install one or two.
    and definitely a high back seat. that will make a BIG difference and some of them come with extra rod holders in the back rest.
    look for hobie and cobra ‘yaks. l have a cobra fish n dive which l love. it has a 600lb capacity. l didn’t get a chance to do it this year so l am still looking forward to mounting an electric trolling motor to it.
    as for a fish finder, if you should happen to install one, which will be a good idea, brand shouldn’t matter much. there are small ones which are excellent. l mounted the transducer of mine inside, gluing it in with some silicone, directly below the seat. make sure there are no bubbles in whatever material you should glue one in with. but it will shoot through the hull fine and if it has a built in thermometer, that will still work fine without actually contacting the water.
    mounted inside, there is nothing to snag on weeds or branches and you don’t need to make any holes for mounting brackets.

    good used is much preferable to cheap new. 800 bucks is a basic starting price for a good new one designed for fishing.

    good luck with yours.

  3. Laura D Post author

    Sit on tops are supposed to be good for fishing, but I have a sit in because I do quite a few rivers, and it’s better for me. Most kayaks are pretty stable even when battling a fish, so I don’t think you would fall in or anyhting. Just remembeer to try to keep most of your weight in the middle, and you will be good. I think that the most comfortable kayak would be a Manatee that you could get from LL Bean. It’s not specifically designed for fishing, but it’s very comfortable, and it’s easy to adapt. Also, don’t just buy a sit in designed for fishing because they will add about $100 to the price even if the only thing different is a rod holder. Just do it yourself. As previously stated anchors are needed as well.

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