Best time of year and where to see Alaska?

We are planning a trip to Alaska for ’08. We are thinking about Aug or Sept. I want to see Alaska when it’s cool, not warm. Also my Dad has been looking in to it and he has been told Homer is the place to go. We want to do some Halibut fishing, but also hiking, kayaking, and see wildlife and the glaciers etc.

What are your ideas/experiences and are we on the right track?

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  1. mamaac43 Post author

    my husband went in September and it was breathtaking he brought back beautiful pictures and had the time of his life fishing. Salmon was great from there. He also said that the weather was not all that cold when he went.

    I want to go with you!!!

  2. officer_robertson Post author

    The whole state is great but if you don’t like the heat avoid the interior in the summer. SE Alaska is probably has the coolest weather in the summer but is also the wettest as it is located in a rain forest. Glacier Bay (near Gustavus (near Juneau)) and Tracey Arm are world renown for their glaciers calving into the ocean. Juneau has probably the only drive-up glacier in the world. Admiralty Island (near Juneau) has the highest concentration of brown bears anywhere in the world.

  3. ashlynn Post author

    I lived in Alaska for 5 months, and I absolutely loved it! I was there from May – September, and the average temp was 70 degrees. There was also 24 hours of daylight, which was hard to get used to. We used to go fishing after work, and then freak out, because it would be 3:00 am, and we had to be at work at 8:00am. Denali was Wonderful! We saw lots of grizzly bears, moose, caribou, and dall sheep. They have alot of things to do there, like hiking, white water rafting, horseback riding, and you can even take helicopter rides around Mt. Mckinley, and see all the glaciers. Another neat place to check into is Valdez. I didn’t like Anchorage, because it is just a big tourist trap, and looks like downtown Detroit. It wasn’t very relaxing. Fairbanks didn’t have a lot of stuff to do either, but it was still neat. Anyway, You will not regret your decision to go to Alaska. It is the most beautiful, peaceful place I have ever been to. Just a reminder, put your food in a tightly sealed container and hoist it into a tree away from your campsight. This is due to the Grizzly bears. There were several maulings while I was there, and also the Moose can be dangerous if you get too close. Have fun!

  4. amie Post author

    First off, go for August. September can be pretty chilly here, think of it this way: we’ve had snow the first week of October. Besides, August is good fishing season. Homer is okay, but really all those things you listed can be done somewhere a bit more exciting, look into Kenai or Seward. Kenai has whitewater rafting, kayaking, great fishing, and lots of Kenai Fjord cruises fairly inexpensive that take you right up to glaciers, or nearby islands with tons of wildlife. If you want to go the other direction, head to Denali National Park. Denali is the best for camping, wildlife, hiking, and general scenery, not so much on the fishing though. Anyways, don’t get so caught up in the outdoorsy stuff that you forget to look around. Anchorage is a pretty neat place to visit, and fairly historical with the few museums and old architecture.

    Basically, just do as much as you can. Sometimes, living in Alaska is like living in three states at once, there’s so much to do it’s impossible to choose one track.

  5. hankins2010 Post author

    I live in Wasilla Alaska .I also go to Homer to Halibut fish.I would sugest a Resturaunt at the end of the Homer Spit (a mini peninsula in Homer) Called Lands End .Also if You Stay in Homer the only major hotel is Best Western If you ant one of the suites with a hot tub get the room a little in advance.Watching Bald Eagles and photographing them is pretty cool. If you drink check out Homer Brewing Company.Its a microbrewry.Be very carfull on the highway between Anchorage and Homer Its a 2 lane road with several passing lanes ,but people do get impatient and try to pass unsafely .It is called the most deadly highway in Alaska.
    Have fun be safe and if you have any questions e mail me.

  6. ♥BoneThugsGIRLY♥ Post author

    homers amazing ive lived here for 13 should come here aug is still pretty warm, but it gets breezy…..yes you can do all that stuff here, but we dont do it lol since we live here. EW please dont go to lands end…..uhg its a local resturant, its so nasty! trust me! my family used to go there and in the last year its just gross! the best sea food and wine resurant is captain patties! on the spit! its amazing you should go there, also on the spit, you should go to better sweater and a really good burget place is glacier drive in, i love it!!!! we have a sea life center, but no animals yet, but its pretty cool, you might want to take a ride out east end…just to see its scenery, oh and the town usally goes up east hill, theres a spot there that you can see the whole town!! kk take care

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