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Choosing a Suitable Rod And Reel For Kayak Fishing

Fishing rod and fishing reel are one of the most important parts of kayak fishing. It needs to be perfect to catch good sized fish and also not too light so that it is over run by a big fish. Here we are discussing the two in brief.

Fishing rod for kayak fishing

There are many varieties of fishing rods available on the market suitable for kayak fishing. To choose one you need to first consider where you are going to store the rod – in craft or in a case, while you are traveling to your launch point and back.

It is seen many enthusiasts of kayak fishing go for a telescopic rod, which is about 12 inches in length. It is not tough to store in a back pack and also same when it is stowed in the deck’s hatch.

These days with the advancement of technology all the good rods are equipped with rugged materials to provide it flexibility while catching big sized fish. Some truly good fishing rods are being manufactured these days for kayak fishing gear.

Fishing reel for kayak fishing gear

This part may be a bit tricky if you are budget sensitive. In general fishing reel for kayak fishing gear comes at high price, but remember there are lots of options available and none, to my knowledge, is specifically designed for canoes or small boats. You can though get several fishing reels designed for light lines and small rods. Also, take note that reels made for fishing from a pier or a bank may not be fit as kayak fishing gear because of their fragile nature as well as exterior moving parts.

Personally I have seen those fishing reels which are known as “egg beaters” or spinning reels having spool at the front end can be easily damaged if used in kayak fishing as its bail is easily bentable and the distance of it from the rod make it a bit difficult to place on the deck.

I prefer bait caster models fishing reels. Though it is a bit expensive but is robust. Oh yes, a land practice of some sort is recommended before using this in kayak fishing because it can easily over run.

Picking A First Kayak? Personalize Your Kayak To Your Needs!


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Picking A First Kayak? Personalize Your Kayak To Your Needs!

If your new to kayaking and want to know some various types of kayaks or particular function of certain assets to various kayaks, than look no further. First timers always ask themselves first, “what type of kayak would be comfortable and fit both individual needs and affordable budgets?” There are many different types of kayaks, there are sit on top kayaks, as well as inflatable kayaks. If your looking for a great brand of inflatable sport kayak, then we recommend one great starter inflatable kayak the Sea Eagle SE-370. The Sea Eagle is a basic kayak with all the essentials and not so much of the modern pizazz of kayaks. Now if you are a more advanced, or even intermediate kayak-er, you may want to look further.

The Sea Eagle is very large and it is a kayak which includes 2 seats, 2 paddles and a  handy storage bag and a foot pump, in case of overflow. Now not all kayaks offer storage space, so you must ask yourself, will you be fishing? Camping or bringing gear? If so you need a storage place, now as far as the storage, “dry storage” is also a necessity to store “non wet” goods. Beginner kayaks often come with a repair kit just in case of the worst as well.

A lot of starter kayaks also include an I-beam construction and 2 skews on the bottom of the kayak, which gives way to better river and open water speed! Now if your a more experienced Kayaker, then we would possibly recommend a sit on top kayak, which is also loads of fun!

Recently a friend recommended the “Point 65N Modular Sit-on-Top Kayak” for a buddy of mine who was getting his second kayak and had just fallen in love with the pastime. The sit on top kayak, is beautiful if i do say so myself and is good for quality fishing. It has a very unique design which lets you convert the kayak into a solo boat within seconds, giving more support for fishing trips and other fishing or sport, related activities! It breaks down for easy storage and transport and even includes two seat backs of course! This kayak is nice too, because it also works great in both fresh water and salt water, as well as open water! So it’s great for basically everywhere, camping trips, fishing trips, maybe not white water rapids, but surely streams and rivers! I enjoy it myself and it’s a great, simple and fun kayak to take on the water. Whatever kayak you choose, check the specs. Is the kayak stand up or sit in? Is there storage? Dry storage? Can I go into dangerous rivers? Rapids? Can the kayak be used for fishing? Is the kayak good in open water? Once you find your fit and once you find the perfect kayak for your style enjoy the start of amazing adventures with your kayak side by side!

What’s The Number 1 Fishing Kayak?

The most important thing you want to know when looking for a kayak  to use fishing, is what kind of KAYAK! We all love the sporty kayaks these days, but some are definitely more suitable than others. While getting a kayak that will perform at top flight fishing holes is a necessity, we must identify the most fundamental components of kayaks, as we move toward finding the RIGHT kayak for us to fish with! So the first thing you want to identify is whether the kayak your looking at is a Sit inside Kayak (sik) or Sit on Top Kayak (sot). Fishing kayaks correspond in design according to this standard. Recreational fishing can be done with either type of kayak and true fisherman have been in love with both styles, when choosing your own style go with whats most comfortable for you. Discover your rotational pivot points and focus on what makes you happy when your spending your days in the fishing holes! Kayaks are excellent tools for getting to hard to reach spots on the water use the sitting style that will fit for the most epic of fishing battles. With Sit In Kayaks, the issue of catching big fish can lead to tips. I myself have caught big fish in sit in Kayaks, and found that when the big one came calling it was feasible to pull my whole kayak over! To fight the big ones, the mantle fish, keep this in mind. Also because fishing demands a greater degree of lateral stability mono-hull fishing kayaks are generally very wide (up to 36 inches beam) and frequently equipped with outriggers to stabilize your fishing.

Catamaran or twin hull fishing kayaks (the kind that are rougher and inflatable generally) are expanding in public favor because of their expanded lateral stability. A few models enabling the user to cast while standing and even to paddle standing while searching for fish are also rising in popularity. Fishing Kayaks are altered to fish with additional accessories as well. When looking for fishing kayaks always consider things like the amount of  pole holders you need,  as well as the fish finding equipment your going to need. Sit-on-tops are bringing in more and more popularity for fishing and have a large amount of kayak accessories available, so keep that in mind when comparing the two.

Fishing Kayaks are taking over the kayak industry right now because of there utility to fisherman though. You can arrive at shallow fishing holes with a kayak that can’t be reached any other way. Along with the exploratory function of fishing kayaks, it is also amazing the utilities that keep popping up on the newest fishing kayaks, revolutionizing the old school typical kayak. Kayaks are more maneuverable in tight spots than any other boat could never be steered easier not to mention the fact that kayaks are motor free, which removes the violent thrashing of blades which drive normal boat fisherman’s prize fish miles from there boat motors!

If you love saltwater fishing, than the utility of kayaks gives you unprecendented reach to fishing holes that were impossible to reach before, permitting reachs around rock edges and coral reef! Closed water fishing kayaks even allow exploration to  access to river or lake spots that you can’t reach on foot because of foliage and overbrush!

To find the best fishing kayak look at all the options–hull types, including rotomold, kevlar, inflatable, etc. The type of paddling you will be doing will influence your choice, of course. Consider joining a fishing club and try their fishing motors out if you want who knows what fits you best!

Finally, some attention has to paid to the details: which kayaks accept features that facilitate your fishing style. Think about storage, rod holding solutions and sounder installation compatiability. The best fishing kayak is the one that fit your individual personal needs and desires. What do you bring with you and what are you catching? Thats the essential task of decision making when choosing your kayak. Good luck, experiment and hit the waters!