early morning fishing… is it really necessary?

I own a fishing kayak which i go fishing in the sea with. all the other kayakers i know seem to have this idea that they need to be in the water really early in the morning. like just after the sun has risen or even just before! is it really necessary to do this. do i stand a better chance of catching a fish? or is it to get there while the surf is still relatively calm? or are there other reasons? Because i can tell you i hate having to wake up so early on the weekends!

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  1. Nick Post author

    i think it’s so you won’t get sunburn and waste your entire day fishing. If you leave early you’ll come home early and you can still do stuff with family and friends
    Also the wind doesn’t tend to blow early morning.

  2. handyman49464 Post author

    I’m not familiar with sea fishing, but I know that if I’m on the water by first light, I’ll typically catch more fish than if I go out later in the morning. Most fish are feeding more in the morning and later in the day. If you like to sleep in, try fishing later in the day, like the last few hours before sunset.

  3. JustAsking Post author

    Yes early in the morning it helps out to go like 3:00 to 4:00 am in the morning and it mick be fun too and good luck to you o.k.

  4. flounderbytes Post author

    I was fishing out of an 8′ wooden jon boat when I started getting into saltwater fishing. I built this boat for bass fishing the shallow lakes in my area and decided to try it down the shore. It would move pretty quick with the trolling motor I had on it and the area I wanted to fish was relatively narrow. The boat handled the water and small chop without any problems. And I caught fish… lots of fish. However, around 9 am the boat traffic and jet skiers had turned the waterway into a churned up nightmare. There was no malice intended it’s what happens on waterways that get heavy usage. My friends and I started planning our trips to be off the water by 9 / 10 am. This worked out very well, it’s cooler and quieter, the fish haven’t been disturbed yet, boat traffic was no longer an issue, we caught tons of bait, got to watch some beautiful sunrises and we still had most of the day to do other things. And yes… the fishing is awesome! Lots of parking spots too. Enjoy your time on the water and catch a bunch!!!

  5. acm4bass Post author

    You have a number of factors in play. Fish often shy away from direct light, partly because of visual acuity, and party because they themselves fear predation. So it is common to fish at dawn and dusk.
    Additionally, insects and plankton have issues with light so you will see insects swarm on the surface at these times and during the heat of the day flee. Nocturnal fish habits and fishing pressure also factor in.

    All these factor’s encourage you to fish early…but since I doubt your doing so for food or income, you need to decide whats more fun….I have a 4 year old son…I fish when I can, and there is nothing wrong with that.

  6. Charles Slone Post author

    Well, I go in the morning and the evening…better at the evening…go at about 5 pm and fish for about 3 or 4 hours…best fun you can have…especially for mud cats…but if you wanna early you want catch many big ones…

  7. AIRFLOW Post author

    Firstly it gives you more time on the water and also fishing very early in the morning does seem to feel good and you have the bonus of catching more fish, also it allows you to catch the tide at the correct time.

  8. R W Post author

    With SALTWATER, the best fishing, is determined more by the tide, rather than the time of day, with incomming , usually being the best.

    good luck

  9. bigfish283 Post author

    yes in the morning and right before it gets dark because when it is hot the fish stop biting

  10. The shop Post author

    This will always improve your chances at catching fish as first light always coincides with photosynthesis, this gets deep scientifically and I certainly dont want to bore you with it so look up photosynthesis and fishing to get a better idea of when “dawn” is best to fish, as the moon phases play a big part in this science as well. You can dig miles deep into that, but I will give you a great tip here and now on inshore saltwater fishing. Twice a month, every month, the tide “Breaks”, a Breaking tide is when the slack tide between the flood tide and the ebb tide, coincides with the break of dawn, this is when it is most critical to be on the water at dawn, as you will hammer the fish, no matter the species, especially at the outlets of any rivers or estuaries that may be in the area. This is when the baitfish try to flee from their pools as the tide starts receeding and thus the bigger gamefish will almost always be lying in wait at the entrance to the rivers, usually hiding behind a structure of some sort in an attempt to shelter itself from the outgoing tides current.
    So again, check the tide charts for the two times this month that the tide in the area that you wish to fish will be dead high between 5am and 6am, and these are your “Breaking Tides” for the month.
    Be there at dawn and reap the rewards.

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