Fishing Carpenteria State Beach?

Anyone fish Carpenteria state beach? going there this weekend. Need to know what i can catch out there on shore and in a kayak? any kelp or reefs? what can i catch and what should i use? Thanks.

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  1. James Post author

    You should use white pilchards, there are plenty of sandy flatheads out there. you will get heaps around the channels. Be careful i went there 1 month ago got a couple of big flatheads and fell in a couple of times.

  2. winkydink Post author


    From shore there are barred perch mostly. Use a carolina rig 8 to 12# test and fish the berkley gulp baits, darker colors, break off a two inch piece. fish the incoming high tide. Start at the lifeguard tower and go north (true east). occasional corbina or other croaker.

    Starting from the same location in a yak, troll with whatever for halibut until you reach the break wall, then straight out for the sand bass and what-not on the reef, some days can be very productive, but pockets of VERY shallow water, can be tricky on days with inconsistent surf. The old adage of never turning your back really applies here, but can be very productive, legal flatties and some sand bass with shoulders. don’t be afraid to fish the eel grass if you can find it

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