Fishing for largemouth bass in a kayak?

Is it a good idea to take a one person kayak out to go fishing for largemouth bass? I’m 155 pds, average size and strength for a 16 year old…

2 thoughts on “Fishing for largemouth bass in a kayak?

  1. cgo201 Post author

    Fishing for anything is hard in a kayak. Me and my cousin tried, but he fell out and I kind of gave up after that. And we were just getting small things like trout. It’s more of an issue of balance than it is strength though. If you are comfortable moving around on a kayak and reaching across and countering your weight by leaning, it should be fine. But if you are not, then you should probably just practice with smaller fish and a place where you are close to land.

  2. Lucas2012 Post author

    I do it all the time here in Michigan. I fish many places boats cant get close enough to and catch 5-7lb largemouth. You will need some type of anchor though or the bigg ones will take you with them. Like he said, stay in shallow water (5-7ft) and stay close to shore. watch your balance aswell. Also, use a Chain Stringer for the bass if you intend to keep them because they jump out of buckets. Fish the channels rarely used on lakes to. Fish with a baitcaster if you can as you can cast horizontally with them really easily.

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