fishing kayak suggestions?

i want to buy a good sit on top that i’ll use in a lake. i would like to pay no more than 400 dollars. any suggestions?

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  1. Stealth A Post author

    i kayak fish in the ocean i have a hobby kayak it is sweet but well out of your range. you should look into a Malibu kayak or some sort of copy cat that is wide. they are the most stable for fishing

  2. Grand Master BasserĀ® Post author

    A new one is going to cost well beyond $400. A completely bone stock fishing kayak with NO accessories is going to run at least $599+. After you add the paddle, electronics, rod holders, stability system, optional trolling motor, etc. etc. etc. you’re gonna be looking at AT LEAST $1500. And that’s for a basic paddle and back powered kayak, not one of those fancy ones with the built-in motor or foot-driven propulsion.

    Your best bet is to look online. A Craiglist search of your immediate local area is probably the best source for finding a used kayak. You might even find a totally tricked out one for a decent price.

    If you live near the ocean with a harbor/marina nearby, check there also; they usually sell their rentals after they’ve been beat to hell. A surf shop is another good place to look. My local lake rents Malibu kayaks and I’ve heard they sell ’em off for a hunnerd bucks… those are completely beat to SH*T though.

  3. OneClickNorth Post author

    I had a Pelican SIT-ON-TOP that was GREAT! I have wished several
    times that I would not have sold it. I used it for fishing and just cruising
    the local lakes and rivers. It was very fast and easy to paddle and very
    stable. I think mine was about 12ft and if I remember correctly they
    are in the price range you mentioned.

    Google: Pelican kayak
    to find there site and some for sale
    I seen a 10ft castaway 100 for $375.00 NEW
    but with a little more searching you may find one
    even cheaper

    Hope this helps

  4. Roger Post author

    My friends who have large budgets for gear bought kayaks several years ago. After one trip the kayaks went into garage rafters and have not seen light of day since. They say that trying to position themselves for a cast is difficult and it is impossible to stay in one spot when there is the slightest bit of wind. Inflatable U boats or pontoons with oars and foot fins are the way to go for fishing.

    Kayaks are great for sight seeing. Kayaks are great for trollers.

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