Hobie Fishing Kayak to buy.?

Ok, which hobie fishing kayak is the best for small and large lakes and very slow moving streams. Also I will only be fly fishing.

2 thoughts on “Hobie Fishing Kayak to buy.?

  1. winterrules Post author

    I don’t know hobie kayaks but I have been very happy with my Wilderness Systems Pungo 140. Its stable enough so I don’t feel nervous when the wind kicks up 3 foot waves. Mine is set up with 2 rod holders, a fish finder and an anchor. I fly fish out of it as well as troll on some big lakes. I don’t recommend a sit on top kayak because you will get wet, mostly from water dripping off the paddle. A spray skirt will keep you dry which is nice when the water is cold. It effectively adds a month to each end of your fishing season. Don’t skimp on a paddle. A good paddle makes the trip more enjoyable and the traveling more efficient. Another necessity for fishing is a paddle leash.

  2. bassplayer_1313 Post author

    get the widest one they offer. it will give you more stability. this is the one with the foot operated fins for propulsion, right? l’ve only heard good things about these except for the price. a bit high. but l guess it’s worth it.
    l use a cobra fish n dive. it’s a good one too.
    enjoy. and good fishin’ to ya!

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