How can I fishing with kayak?

3 thoughts on “How can I fishing with kayak?

  1. always right Post author

    Get a kayak, get a fishing rod, get in the water, paddle, put bait on hook, drop hook in water, wait, reel in fish, repeat.
    Easy eh?

  2. quiksilver8676 Post author

    some kayaks they make are set up for fishing , but it depends on which kind you have, since you haven’t given any information as to what kind of kayak you have, I can’t tell you if it’ll work for you or not.

  3. Sprout Post author

    There are special kayaks designed for angling. They will often be the sit-on-top types (as opposed to the sit inside types) to allow more room to move around and catch fish. Some have flat platforms in the bow to allow the angler to stand up and cast a line. They will also have ample storage for tackle, rods, etc.

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