how can you fish off a kayak?

how can you fish for small trout off a kayak a kayak you pedal with your oars or stop it and throw lures also what lures or how do i troll them i also want to know how can i fish off a normal kayak without getting so tired i went camping once and after a couple min i got tired is there a way to fish so you dont get so tired

5 thoughts on “how can you fish off a kayak?

  1. Razmatazz Post author

    explosives… tie a rock, light, throw, wait explode, wait, fish come to surface. Now your next question is where to store them.. 🙂

  2. Derrick S Post author

    Well you can buy a bolt on fishing rod holders and mount the rod holder forward of the oar strokes for trolling. You need to be in better shape if you’re tiring out after a couple of minutes of paddling. There are many kayakers that paddle for miles and fish.

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