how many lines could i have out on a fishing kayak?

how many lures/lines could i have out at the same time on my fishing kayak trolling at sea?

5 thoughts on “how many lines could i have out on a fishing kayak?

  1. stop_makin_cents Post author

    You COULD have 2 but I suggest you only troll 1.

    Trying to handle 2 Kings, Mahi, Bull Red, Cobia, Shark at 1 time would be a disaster and dangerous.

  2. gimmenamenow Post author

    I agree, you could have two, but one’s enough even on the flats where I’m at for trolling…

  3. Captain Kevin Post author

    Two lines would work out well with rods on opposite sides, one line being deeper and closer than the other.

  4. chimp dancer Post author

    As many as your fishing experience allows you to handle without flipping the yak and tossing you over board. I’ve seen yaks with 4 rods out at the same time, some with as little as one. It’s all about how experienced you are and how confident you feel while using the yak while trolling. ~good luck catchin’.

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