I need help finding a Marine GPS system for kayaking.?

I want to get my husband a really cool Gps system or a fish finder for him to use while he is fishing in his Kayak. I can only afford to spend about $100.00-$125.00.
Does anyone know of one that is really good?

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  1. FishSteelhead Post author

    Findin’ a fishfinder with GPS in it is a pretty difficult thing ta’ do what with the monies you want to put out ($110-$125.00). There are units that one can buy with those figures, but generally those fishfinders are only GPS acceptable/compatible, meaning ya’ have to purchase the additional GPS accessories. Link below is for ebay, you may want to search through the site for the “Buy Now”, option (am assumin’ that this be a gift, so you wouldn’t want ta’ make a bid?). Don’t know if I helped ya’, but gave it my best shot ~ good luck ;)…


    Note: Here are two portable type fishfinders, but unfortunately not set up for GPS (these would work with his kayak).

    Rod type:

    Wrist watch type:

  2. AIRFLO Post author

    It will cost you allot more for a gps and fish finder in one so i suggest you buy just a gps that is fully waterproof and the hand held version would be best as these can be mounted onto the kayak, i would advise on makes such as Garmin and Lowrance, garmin being your best option on the cheaper price but with good quality contact them direct (if you can afford it buy one that is WAAS enabled, this gives you a better chance of a signal)
    You will probably be better off buying from walmart as it will be cheaper (any of these models will do)

  3. robmad87 Post author

    I have a Humminbird fish finder on my kayak. It tells depth, water temperature and it shows fish and bottom structure. You can get one for about $80 bucks, but you’ll need another $40 or $50 or so to purchase a battery and mount. I exchanged the transducer for a thru-hull transducer so I didn’t have to drill any holes. This transducer fits in the drain holes on some of the Ocean Kayak’s fishing models. The fish finder makes all the difference in the world when trying to find fish. A fish finder with GPS will cost you several hundred dollars.

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