im going sea fishing and need help !?

im going sea fishing this weekend while im sea kayaking and ive made my own rod thing from wire nylon string and saftey pins. how deep should i put it and what bait should i use. do you thing ill catch anything??

4 thoughts on “im going sea fishing and need help !?

  1. f100_supersabre Post author

    As unstable as a kayak is, and as unsuitable as it is for the “landing” of anything you catch, I wouldn’t; but to each his own.
    A safety pin is NOT likely to catch ANY ocean fish.

  2. Hazel H Post author

    You’d be really lucky if you catch anything. Should you be lucky, hope it isn’t anything BIG.
    Nylon string and safety pins? Only if you’re in “survival” mode, on land, and fishing in lake or stream.

    Be careful, be safe, good luck.

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